Your visa is confirmed before the company is established.

Are you a foreigner who is obtaining the resident status of "Japanese consort etc.", "Inhabitant", "Permanent resident", and "Permanent resident's consort etc."?

If it is so, the business can be done by establishing the company.

Are you a foreigner who has the resident status that there is a limitation in the activities such as "Humanities knowledge and international service", "Transfer within a corporation", "Technology", "Skill", and "Family stay"?

In this case, the necessity for the change to the resident status of the investment and management from the current resident status comes out to establish the company is to become a manager by it.

It is not because manager's visa can surely be acquired if it starts a company in Japan.
There is manager's visa (investment management visa) when it is not possible to acquire it though was able to establish by the company.

We will inform you of information on the foreigner company establishment next week.

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